Uncomfortable flatforms from Asos 

Rose gold flatforms from Asos that are really uncomfortable
I bought these beautiful rose gold flatforms from Asos but sadly they’re the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

Some have a motto of “no pain, no gain”. I associate that phrase with gym, and not with my shoes. It’s unfortunately exactly what I’ve been reminded of with my latest shoe purchase.

The Asos Mavis Flatform Lace Up shoes -Nude metallic, or as I see them, rose gold, shoes, are flatform lace up shoes that are sold for £40. A cross between creepers and heeled brogues, I was so excited to wear them.

However, the shoes haven’t quite lived up to the hype in my head. While the party was raging on up there, as I waited for the delivery, the minute I took them out for a proper spin the next day, it all deflated faster than you could say disappointed.

No give

The flatform is hard and has no give. When you’re walking naturally, you balance on the heel of your feet first, and then put pressure on the ball of your feet. These shoes don’t allow me to walk in that natural way. Instead I’m forced to walk flat-footed, which puts pressure on the ankles and can sometimes result in shin splints. Suffice to say it’s not a pleasant experience.

It’s such a gutting realisation, as they look beautiful on, and especially considering the price of the shoes.

I even watched the catwalk on Asos.com before buying but it didn’t prepare me for the hard sole and uncomfortableness.

It’s an #asosfail in this case.