Spring pastels – matte lilac nails OPI

OPI matte lilac nail polish

OPI lilac nail polish – You’re Such A Budapest – with matte top coat

You may have noticed that pastel colours are in at the moment ­– it is a spring trend and especially lilac. I decided to go for matte lilac nails.

I started off small and just dipping my toe into the pastels, chose to go with OPI’s matte lilac nail lacquer ‘You’re Such A Budapest’. I applied this last night – Sunday 22 February.

My nail routine always consists of base coat (I can’t stand discoloured nails) – I started off with OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat (which I am in LOVE with by the way – it is shiny, quick to dry and lasts a full week on its own!).

I then applied two coats of the lilac – this is best applied light to start and then once dry, layer it on for the desired shade. I did two coats, but you may want three coats for a darker shade or just one for a light look.

Once all layers had dried, I applied OPI’s Matte Top Coat. This I only applied once. At the time I applied the top coat, I thought it would be sufficient.

However, only one day later, and I have a chip on one nail. Sad times – I usually find that OPI lasts at least one week. I think this may have more to do with the one thin layer of top coat than anything else. Next time I try the matte, I will be sure to apply two layers and see if this makes a difference.



Pastels such as lilac look good with a variety of outfits, in particular floral prints, but I think the colour pops the most when paired with a monochrome outfit.

Today, I wore a black with white hearts dress from H&M, black tights from Primark and black Chelsea boots by Truffle Shoes, and then accessorised it with a skinny rose gold glitter belt, also from Primark. For jewellery, I wore chunky pink heart earrings for another pop and a thin (barely visible) gold chain.

Monochrome outfit

Monochrome outfit with rose gold glitter belt


Make up

I kept my make-up very simple for work, with concealer and a touch of bronzer (both Maybelline) but used a pink blusher (MAC) and pink lips (Maxfactor) to break up the rigidity of my monochrome outfit. I have very dark lashes, so I didn’t need mascara and only just a hint of liner (Avon) in the eyes.