East Seven Berlin hostel

As a solo female traveller on holiday, the main things going through my mind when searching for a hostel were that (a) I was alone and so the hostel should be solo traveller friendly (b) it should have good security overall and for my luggage (c) be clean and well kept (d) be in a good location – ideally as central as possible and (e) have free WiFi. East Seven Berlin hostel fulfilled all these criteria and more, exceeding my expectations.

I opted for three nights accommodation in a mixed 8-bed dorm. I arrived at my hostel at around 11am but check in starts from 2pm, so I freshened up for the day and left my backpack in the hostel’s secure luggage room and set off to explore. On first impressions, the hostel looked well kept and clean, including the toilet and bathroom facilities, which were regularly cleaned and the staff were friendly and helpful (they were more than happy to help with directions, transport and places to visit). The hostel provides a large map of the city with both road and train maps. It proved very useful. The WiFi code can be obtained from reception.

The hostel has a reception area, which doubles up as a small bar in the evenings. There is a large lounge area; a kitchen with cooking stove, fridge and shelves for you to keep food should you wish to buy any; and a large garden, which is open to everyone. The hostel also provides breakfast for about €3-4. Everyday, around 10.30-11am, a free walking tour passes through and picks up anyone interested in a guided tour of all the main attractions. There is also a paid walking tour which the hostel can direct you to as well as a free alternative walking tour, which takes you to the more edgier parts of the city and takes you to famous graffiti spots. I went on both walking tours and recommend both as they offer two very different views of Berlin and its people.

In the evening, an alternative bar crawl sets off from the hostel every evening, for which reps pass through and pick people up and take them to a central meeting spot, where the bar crawl begins. Along with other travellers I met in my dorm, I opted to go on the bar crawl – it was a great first night of my trip and I met some really great people.

The 8-bed dorm itself was a large spacious room, regularly cleaned and well kept. The beds were comfortable and linen was provided. The hostel also offers a laundry service for about €7-9.

Overall, I have no complaints about East Seven Berlin hostel and only good things to say. Even my list of cons isn’t really anything that would amount to being a deal breaker. In fact, the quiet area was an added security in the very beginning as I was getting to grips with travelling alone.