Loose natural curls without using heated curling appliances 

John Frieda dream curls range

I achieved this look of natural curls using John Frieda‘s Frizz Ease curling range – the dream curls range – and without the use of any heated curling appliances.

I washed my hair with shampoo and then used the conditioner. Once my hair had been towel dried, I applied the frizz ease hair serum.

I then used the curling spray on my hair starting from about a third of the way down from my roots. I scrunched my hair up as you would do with mousse to encourage the curls.


I have done this routine both in the morning and in the evening. I find that this works best in the morning as I then have the rest of the day for the hair to curl and gain volume. In comparison, when I wash my hair in the evening, sleeping on it flattens it and increases frizziness.


Usually, I will twist the front of my damp hair and clip it back so that it will retain a curlier shape when dry.

Pooja Kondhia curls John Frieda dream curls range

Straighteners and curling tongs

While my usual hair styling routine is to let my hair dry naturally, without the use of hairdryers or straighteners, it does not mean I never use them. Sometimes, when I am short of time, I will roughly blow dry my hair using my fingers as a comb.

I have also used ghd straighteners to curl my hair after having followed my usual routine, both on the same day and the day after, and my hair curled better and stayed curly longer than without using these products. So these products also make a great foundation step.

Sometimes I use Pantene on my hair and that true to its word, flattens my hair, defrizzes it and gives it a shine. However, I hate flat hair, and this John Frieda dream curls range is great for giving my hair added volume.

You can buy these products in any supermarket, chemist, boots or superdrug.