Floral peg trousers and grey t-shirt #OOTD

Floral peg trousers and grey t-shirt

One of my favourite outfits at the moment is pairing peg trousers with casual tops like t-shirts and then glamming up with accessories depending on the mood or occasion.

The floral peg trousers are from Asos.com – buy them here – and the t-shirt is a plain and simple buy from Primark, or as I like to call it, Primarni, as it is pure gold for basics.

This outfit is perfect for weekends or if you work in a casual environment, it is a great work outfit. It can be glammed up or down simply with accessories and can easily make the transition from day to evening wear.

The shoes I’ve chosen to wear with this outfit are from Dorothy Perkins and serve to show that even shoes can glam up this look. Court shoes, patent pumps or shoe boots would also complement this outfit.

I love these trousers especially as they are of jersey material and so are ideal for spring when it’s that confusing mix of cold but sunny weather.

This outfit also lends itself really well to a wide variety of accessories. Below are a few photos of the two necklaces I chose to accessorise with.

Necklaces to accessorise

Peach necklace and moustache pendant necklace to accessorise casual outfits with


Peach Oasis necklace with floral peg trousers


French moustache necklace with floral peg trousers


Floral peg outfit

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